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Eat More Protein and Lose Weight

Are you interested in having more energy and burning more body fat naturally? Current dietary recommendations fall short for a favorable body composition in many people. The abundance of carbohydrates and lack of lean, quality protein in our diet's causes many of us to feel lethargic, bloated, and all around unmotivated!

Currently the RDA for the macronutrients are as follows:
•Carbohydrates – 45%-65% of your daily calories
•Fats- 20%-35% of your daily calories
The daily recommendations for protein are currently 56g/day for men, and 46g/day for women (or .8 g/kg of bodyweight.) 

A quick note on physiology, essentially everything we eat turns to sugar in the body. The rate that this this occurs can be analyzed via the glycemic index. Ideally, you want to focus on eating foods that break down slower and will yield a more steady blood sugar level. If we structure our diet as above as you can see you will have a diet that consists of a lot of carbohydrate’s! This makes it very difficult to maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day as they are quickly converted to sugar and subsequently body fat.

A more sensible approach for carb sensitive individuals: When attempting to construct a healthy eating plan figure out the amount protein and fats first, then plug in carbohydrates to fit left-over calories. Lean proteins supply your muscles with much needed amino acids which are necessary for repair of tissue. Eating a high protein diet will naturally increase your metabolic rate due to the amount of energy required for digestion! Long term, it will aid in increasing lean body mass allowing you to consume more calories and still maintain a healthy weight. By keeping your blood sugar levels stable you will have more energy, and less of the “afternoon fog.” So next time you go to reach for that 3pm snack, choose something that is higher protein, while skipping the sugar and carbs and enjoy a leaner more athletic physique.

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