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Phase 3: Performance Wellness Care

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This is the most important phase if your goal is to maintain your health and continue to improve your wellness and daily performance! Many of the problems patients present with can be related to their activities of daily living or their daily routine.

Though wellness care is not covered by insurance, visits throughout the year are an important part of maintaining your health and improving your wellness and performance. If you want to maximize your health and wellness, some commitment is essential, much like getting your teeth cleaned, or oil changed in your car, maintenance is key to prevent problems that cost you not only money, but your most valuable asset… time.

At each wellness visit your doctor will assess your movements and range of motion, providing modalities, joint manipulations, and manual therapies as needed, as well as addressing any concerns, and provide any needed lifestyle advice or exercises related to their findings or concerns.

By maintaining your musculoskeletal health with semi-regular visits you can continue to do what you want to do, even better than before!

We strive to make care affordable with discount packages and monthly memberships to help you feel and age your best!


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