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My Performance Through Function (PTF) Training


MyPTF was developed to fill a common void we see in athletes of all ages and levels at our office that have been stuck in the injury rut!

Have you been dealing with injuries off and on seemingly over and over again regardless of the professional care you receive?

Our Chiropractic Physician’s will perform an initial consultation and evaluation and along with a Strength and Conditioning Coach come up with a program that meets your goals and needs.

All training sessions are 1 on 1, goal oriented, functional, and tailored to specifically meet your injury, rehab, and performance needs!

Using our 3 unique phases of exercise programming we can get to the root cause of pain or immobility and help empower you to get in the best shape of your life!

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MyPTF Training Phase Descriptions

Phase 1: Back to Basics

This first phase of MyPTF training breaks down all of your core movements and works to reconnect your muscles, movements, and your brain! Typically this phase includes bodyweight exercises and movements with the occasional introduction of bands. It is in this first phase that we develop our baseline exercises that will remain consistent throughout your programming to ensure you remain injury free and progress safely and effectively.

Phase 2: Balance/Agility/Speed

This second phase of training typically begins being incorporated in workouts after 3-5 sessions depending on the client. Keeping in mind our phase 1 exercises we will begin to incorporate bands, kettlebells, agility ladders, and movement drills to work on your balance and proprioception and begin to challenge you more. It is during this phase we begin our actual "workout" phase of the program and we will ensure you also get a great workout while working to meet your goals!

Phase 3 : Strength & Power

This phase typically begins after sessions 8-10. This phase includes barbell work, dumbbells', kettlebells, and HIIT workouts. These workouts will be tailored and all encompassing of phase 1 and phase 2 movements, as well as progressing to more advanced barbell movements depending on a client's condition and goals. These workouts will empower you with knowledge to be able to work out on your own. At this point, your coach will talk to you about if you qualify for our online training and wellness programming!

NEW Phase 4: Remote Training and Wellness Coaching!

Once you have completed our MyPTF Training Program demonstrating efficiency in phases 1-3 you are eligible for Virtual Training and Wellness Coaching, MyPTF Virtual!

What is MyPTF Virtual?

Exclusively available to those that have demonstrated competence in the 3 Phases of our MyPTF one on one Training.

MyPTF Virtual is a unique offering at Evolved Health Chiropractic & Sports Medicine that empowers qualified clients to take control of their health and wellness with remote exercise and lifestyle programming from the comfort of their home, or wherever the road may take you!

How Does it Work?

Using the TrueCoach App, your Coach will program weekly workouts individualized to your goals, schedule, and equipment available. Travel for work? No problem!

Workouts for the week will be released every Sunday, along with a scheduled weekly check in. Using the messaging functions of the App you will have daily access to your coach and doctor to ask any questions, or address any concerns.

Additional in Office Membership Benefits Included:

• 1 in person training session per month

• 25% off nutrition coaching with Dr. James

• 1 30-minute NormaTec session per month (legs, hips, or arms)

• 15% off Cash services at Evolved Health Chiropractic & Sports Medicine*

• 15% off supplements

• 15% custom orthotics

*Does not apply to cash packages

*Cannot be used in combination with health insurance

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