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Initially, most patients present to my office due to pain. Whether it be shoulder shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain or the like. The first thing that most people want to know is logically ,“how long until I am better?” While this is not a clear cut answer, most patients are symptom free within a few visits. If you have read my blog before you know that I am a firm believer that posture has a lot to do with many sports injuries. While on their quest to be pain free many patients begin to notice improvements in range of motion, coordination, and of course posture. I am sure many of you have heard the stigma “once you go to chiropractor you have to keep going.”  While you don’t have to do anything, most will continue care periodically for “tune-ups” or what many people will call “maintenance” in order to keep your problems away and keep you feeling and performing your best.

So what is maintenance, exactly? It may seem cliche to compare yourself to a car but the analogy actually is quite appropriate. Many patients initially present frustrated, stressed, or just plain mad that they cannot do what they want to do.  The truth is, many problems can be prevented from occurring just by taking better care of your body!

Imagine, if you were to never get the oil changed in your car? How long do you think it would run, or run well for that matter? Much like a car your body is composed of a many parts that work together to accomplish a task. Joint and muscle imbalances interfere with your bodies mechanics leading to declines in range of motion, and even coordination leading to eventual injury. Much like a car, pain is your bodies check engine light. Left untreated, that nag that you feel while sitting at your desk can turn into a much bigger problem.

If you are experiencing discomfort now think of that as you “check engine” light.  Taking care of your body is a must; unlike a car you only get one! An ounce of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Most importantly it will keep you on the road, performing at your best! 

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