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Pain in Your Hip When You Squat Read This

Having a practice in a gym, one thing that patients commonly complain of is a “pinching” pain in one or both hips during deep flexion (squatting, leg pressing, lunging, etc.) It has been noted  that more than 80% of active adults and teens with hip pain is caused by a condition known as Femoroacetabular Impingment (FAI).

FAI is caused by a change in the shape of the hip joint. It is commonly classified as 2 types: CAM and Pincer. CAM is defined as an alteration in the shape of the femur (thigh bone), which is determined via x-ray and a characteristic “pistol grip” appearance. The second type, Pincer is defined as an abnormally shaped acetabulum (hip socket.) This can also be visualized on x-ray and your physician may note that there is abnormal bone growth (usually posterior) which covers more of the femur head than usual.

Both these types ultimately may result in a labral tear of the hip and/or arthritis due to increased friction and surface area of the hip joint, if not cared for. When addressing this issues it is important to note that exercise did not cause the impingement, this usually a present congenital anomaly of the hip joint. The exact cause is unknown.

So what can you do to Manage this Condition?

First thing first, lets talk about your foundation (your spine). Much like a house if you have a poor foundation no matter how perfect your house is it will ultimately crumble! It is important to visit your Chiropractic Physician to first ensure adequate biomechanics and movement of the spine. It is also important to then look at the muscles of the lower trunk and core. An anterior pelvic tilt caused by tight hip and lower back muscles pulls your pelvis forward increasing the amount of pressure on the hip and pelvis. Stretching your lower back, hamstrings, and hip flexors is a good place to start.

Failure to appropriately manage this condition could result in a need for surgery. Though not “curable” this condition can be successfully managed to limit damage. So don’t wait schedule an appointment today!


Keep Moving.